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Welcome to the Occulture Academy

A modern magick & mystery school
Created & Founded by Imani Christina

This is a new era of magick

and we want you to be a part of showing it to the world...

We have always lived in a world of magick & mysticism. There was once an era where magi would gather together --often in secrecy-- to learn, practice, and study together. These great schools and societies of antiquity have been lost with time, and with magick once again rising in popularity it's important to establish new ones. 

That's why I created The Occulture Academy It is an all-in-one platform for the magickally-inclined that combines education and community together.

If you've been looking for a community to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences while also having access to the resources you need to continue advancing, then you've arrived at the right place.

The Occulture Academy is an online mystery school, which focuses primarily on esoteric education and the arcane arts. Over time, it is my goal to grow this Academy into an in-person campus and university where you can earn degrees and take certification classes.

Our world is experiencing a massive change...

All recent events, from Covid-19 to the effects of climate change, are reminding us to take back our power.

As time progresses, we are relying less on infrastructure, and more on ourselves.

As magi, we have always been able to manipulate reality when the masses could not. That is why, as the world continues to shift, we'll need more, trained mages to take up leadership positions in their communities.

Now, we have the amazing opportunity to build our own infrastructures, establish new standards for society, form our own communities based on shared beliefs, and bring topics that have been shunned back to the masses

I welcome you to The Occulture Academy

A modern mystery school & membership that focuses on magick, esoteric education, and the arcane arts.

This is more than just an online course membership like every other one out there. Not only do we have aspirations to obtain a physical campus (we're aiming for a castle & acrage), but over time students will receive majors, be sorted into houses, offered certifications, participate in group in-person events, have the opportunity to offer products & services through the Academy, and so so much more.

If you ever hoped that Howarts would one day be real, these are the beginning stages of something just like it.

This is much more than an online membership group.

It's Time to Join The Magick Community You've Been Looking For

  • Each month you’ll learn new practices and discover your own magick gifts and how to use them in your life through different themes and archetypes.

  • You will have access to thousands of dollars worth of classes, workshops, tools, discounts, resources, exclusive services, and more!

  • You’ll be able to connect with other mystics and misfits from all walks of life, who all believe magick, manifestation, freedom, and international tribe building. You’ll have the chance to learn from and support each other on your spiritual journey. 

  • By the end of the year, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of what magick is, hundreds of esoteric concepts and practices, and how to make it all work in a way that’s fun, unique, and beneficial to your magickal evolution.

  • You’ll connect with other magi, mystics, and spiritualists who all believe in creating magick in their lives, and building tribe with others who do the same

  • Monthly Academy Assemblies, shares, group activities and member spotlights. In the future, members will be able to teach their own classes.

  • New ideas, perspectives, and information that you can use to help you manifest the life of your desires.

Hi, I'm Imani Christina, Creator & Head Magus of the Occulture Academy

Image by Carol Lee

The Occulture Academy was born from my love of magick and my desire for community

It was created from my desire to have a safe space to learn and enhance my abilities freely.

Magick has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, and when I reached my lowest points it's what saved my life. It gave me the perspective shift I needed to enjoy being alive again. And it gave me the power to achieve everything I ever dreamed of achieving.

After years of study and a few more years of active practice, I decided I wanted to bring magick esoteric education into the modern world.

Even more than that, I wanted a community to share it all with.

Like everyone else who read Harry Potter growing up, I just wanted to live in my own version of Hogwarts. 

To be honest, I'm used to studying on my own.

I was a weird kid, who took interest in mythology, the supernatural, astrology and witchcraft at an early age.

I read every book on dragons that I could find, and dreamt of worlds full of fantastic creatures and epic castles. I held onto those things throughout my life, channeling the feels and visuals into my various creative pursuits.

Then one day, in my small college apartment, a state away from the life I'd known for so many years, I began to start taking it seriously.

Still, even with the rise of tumblr witches and the growing popularity of astrology, I felt alone in my practices. The correspondence posts and moodboards didn't fulfill my desire to be in a true magickal community.

Image by Kayla Maurais



I wanted friends I could call teachers. I wanted to share books, and point out references to the occult in TV shows. I wanted to drink wine and discuss our spirit guides/ancestors/deities. I wanted to laugh about ghosts and test out psychic abilities with others.

​I wanted to gather with others and do rituals together. I wanted to take nature walks, smoke cannabis, and meditate amongst the trees. I wanted to travel to sacred locations with other spiritual beings, and share what we’d learned from the land.

Celebrations, equinox festivals & solstice celebrations, feasts, group rituals and dance parties.


All of it.

I wanted a place to teach what I knew and learn from others, the only hierarchy being the attainment of knowledge. To create a space where there was room for life and learning. Somewhere to compile all of my research and study, with that of others, for easy accessibility. A place to explore every aspect of self and discover all the magick this life has to offer.

So I created The OA

This is a choice that could change the entire course of your magickal journey forever...

As the Academy grows, so will you, and so will your new coven. I’m so excited for you to begin connecting to your soul family.

I’m excited to welcome you into my tribe as well.

We’re going to study, learn, practice, and evolve together.


We’ll explore the belief systems, stories, arts, and teachings from throughout time.

We'll commit to growing together.

But, most importantly, we’re going to increase our powers as a collective, support one another on the journey of alignment, and assist each other in making this world into the life of our dreams.

We’re Magi, and what we will into existence, always manifests.

Magick exists here.

Glad you could make it.

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These archives & resources are only for Occulture Academy students, and are always available on the platform. Some of our past + upcoming classes & workshops include:

  • "Magick 101 Masterclass ($49 Value)

  • Shadow Work Masterclass ($30 Value)

  • Energetic Signature Course ($333 Value)

  • Chaos Magick Masterclass ($49 Value)

  • Planetary Magick Masterclass ($49 Value)

  • Color Magick Masterclass ($49 Value)

  • Protection Magick Masterclass ($49 Value)

  • Metaphysical Business Masterclass ($100 Value)

  • and more!

OA members receive free access to replays of any and all upcoming Masterclasses, webinars, and workshops (each valuing $9-$100)

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You struggle to research and study all on your own

  • You wish you had a group of magi friends to practice rituals and spellwork with

  • You wish you could have access to teachers and guides without needing to be initiated

  • You have a lot of questions about magick and spirituality, but don’t no where to go for answers

  • You don’t have a safe space to practice or embrace your true magickal self

  • You believe that you are a supernatural, magickal, or otherwise powerful being and don't know how to express that

  • You’ve read every piece of free content you could find, but are looking for something that can help you find your unique path.

  • You’re ready to see an increase in the quality of your life, relationships, business/career, finances, and achievements.

  • You are interested in everything magick, the occult, astrology, tarot cards, yoga, manifestation, etc.

  • You crave to have an online and in-person community where you can begin embodying your highest self freely and comfortably.

  • You are trying to find or live out your purpose, but lack the direction, love, and support needed to be truly successful

  • You’re tired of overpriced programs that don’t help you really get to know yourself and grow

  • You don’t have a supportive peer group or family

  • You don’t have any spiritual or magickal friends, but long for them

  • You’re looking for a one stop shop for learning, resources, and community

If any of that made your soul stir, you're in the right place

I know with everything going on in the world, it seems like your spiritual practice and magick studies have to be set aside.

But I’m here to let you know that does not have to be the case.

Magick is the ancient art of taking your life into your own hands.

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to continue your studies, increase your power, and surround yourself with the support you need in order to create a life that lives up to your desires.

​If we abandon our magick when things feel out of control, then we’ll be left feeling with anxious, uncertain, fearful, and powerless.

If we step into our magick and join a community filled with love, support, new ideas, acceptance, and encouragement, we have the opportunity to increase our potential for happiness and success tenfold.

Being part of a community like the Occulture Academy is more important now than ever. 

If we’re to face all of what this new world has to offer us, with flying colors, it is so important to get powered up.

We also need communities that we can grow with, learn from, and rely on, so that we can assist each other’s goals.

You owe it to yourself to be in a safe space to keep evolving. You deserve support in your magickal practice and informative content to help you develop a better understanding of your gifts & purpose. 

Magick is a lifestyle. Being part of a community for is a part of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical self care.

What you surround yourself with will dictate the energy you exist in.

Image by Michael D Beckwith

Each month more content will be added to the archives, Occult Library, and Class Sections 0f the OA Members Portal & App

Who is The Occulture Academy For?

The OA is for seekers & apprentices who:

  • Are ready to take their gifts to the next level

  • Are willing to invest in their esoteric education & abilities, long-term

  • Crave a space to learn without the noise of what everyone's saying online

  • Know that there's so much more to learn, and are excited to dive deeper

  • Have been looking for a community of other practitioners to study & share notes with

  • Have a hard time researching and would like easier access to resources

  • Are ready to awaken and activate their powers

  • Who've been stagnant and want a kickstart to the next phase of their journey

  • Are struggling to fit in because of their magickal gifts or spiritual beliefs

  • Want to participate in advanced, authentic practices

  • Want to explore just how far magick can them

And anyone who's lived their entire lives knowing that magick is real and living inside them.

You were born gifted. Now it's time awaken and amplify those gifts. 
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It's Tough to Find Programs and People Worth Investing In

I know you don't want to keep hopping in an out of memberships and course programs and always leaving unsatisfied. There are so many memberships that provide content without practical application.

You deserve to be in a group that is engaging, exciting, and stimulating.


You deserve a learning environment where you can feel at ease, but you are also interested in the things you are studying.


​I created the Occulture Academy to be a safe space where you will have access to content, but classes, courses, activities and workshops that will help you find and fine-tune your gifts while gaining knowledge at the same time!


AND, you'll be joining a supportive network of other people who are learning and growing just like you.


Once you've joined, and the content begins rolling out, I guarantee that you'll know you're in the right place, and that it was worth the investment.

The Occulture Academy Includes:

Here's What You Get As An Occulture Academy Member:

  • Unlimited access to The OA Website & Members App ( Value: $350 )

  • Access to all past & future classes, courses, and workshops ( Value: $1200+ )

  • Monthly Journey newsletter with info, activities, prompts, playlists, meditations, and more all related to each month's topic of study (Value: $300 )

  • 1 Live Academy Assembly a Month (Value: $1200 )

  • Private Discord Server (Value: $100)

  • Access to monthly group rituals ( Value: $1100 )

  • Exclusive Deals & Discounts ( Value: Priceless )

  • Behind the scenes content and discussions ( Value: Priceless )

  • A community of other magi and mystics where you can learn and express freely! ( Value: Priceless )

Total Value: $4,000+

Of course, I would never charge that much. And with so many people facing financial setbacks due to the effects of Covid-19, I didn't want anyone to be left out. This community is meant to be accessible to anyone willing to commit to the work, regardless of your wealth. So, I've togt a better deal for you

Invest in Your Magick

We're only open for enrollment during the Fall & Spring, and prices go up a bit each time to help us support a larger group.



Access to The OA Website & Members App

Access to the Occult Library

Access to monthly newsletter, journal prompts, activities, playlists, meditations, & more

Discounts on all upcoming and past classes and courses

Monthly Payment Of:


Monthly Payment Of:


The OA Website & Members App

Access to the Occult Library

Monthly newsletter, journal prompts, activities, playlists, meditations, & more

Past and Future classes, courses, and workshops

& all other features


One Payment Of:


That's only $27.75 a month and less than $1 a day

The OA Website & Members App

Access to the Occult Library

Monthly newsletter, journal prompts, activities, playlists, meditations, & more

Past and Future classes, courses, and workshops

Access to exclusive features

You are free to cancel anytime, and the annual members get a free 3-day trial to test the group out before committing.

After October 31st 2021, you will not be able to join again until 2022, at a higher price.

The cost to join annually ($27.75 a month) is less than the cost of a meal, and a lot less than the cost of the many metaphysical tools and books you'd be buying if you had to do all of this on your own. Luckily you aren't alone, and you don't need to throw away your money looking for answers!

Sounds like a good deal right?

Payment Anchor

The Occulture Academy is Only $33 a Month

Would you pay $33 to get serious about your magickal and spiritual practice?
Would you pay $33 to have access to all the resources, books, and assistance that you need?
Would you pay $33 to meet, learn from, and be supported by other mages & mystics? 
Would you pay $33 to learn about your energetic signature and activate your gifts?
Would you pay $33 to have guidance in the practice of rituals, magick, ceremony, etc.?
Would you pay $33 to have more success?
Would you pay $33 to embody your supernatural self?
Would you pay $33 to not do all of that alone?

Isn't your path worth so much more, anyway?

In the Occulture Academy you will receive value that you won't get anywhere else.

This group is for mystics and misfits of all classes and creeds

We are accepting of everyone in this group who comes with love and good intention in their hearts. This is not a space for judgement, self promotion, competition, or tomfoolery. This is a place where everyone can learn and grow together, while finding their unique gifts in the process.

If you're ready to embrace your supernatural self, begin walking your own magickal journey, then we're waiting for you! Don't leave us hanging now!

Logo 1.png

Become an Occulture Academy Student Today

Awaken & activate your magick

Connect with kindred spirits

Explore your gifts
Learn something new

  • Where does my investment go?
    Keeping track of your finances is important, even more so when making a choice of what to invest in. The creators of these courses and programs often use the money from it to produce the content that they provide. That is definitely a part of us, as the prices we've chosen help us cover the price of our website and app. But we want to be even more transparent. We have big goals for The Occulture Academy, including an in-person teaching facility and campus. We'd also like to have it registered as an official academic program. These things require a lot of time, money, and resources. We hope that over time we can develop a way to show you exactly how much we've raised for these expenses. That way you can go on the journey with as we reach these goals, while also having a visual representation of your contribution!
  • Why should you join a Mystery School?
    Mystery schools are a place for you to learn from experienced teachers, alongside other apprentices who have the same goals as you. The practices, rituals, and magick systems taught within them are often secret and specific to the school itself. There may be forms of initation or levels of advancement involved as well. All of this is dependent on the system they follow. Being in a mystery school provides you with guidance, support, and regulation so that you can approach your journey with a safety net (which going at it alone doesn't provide). Not only do you have access to instructors with more information and experience, you can also connect with the seekers learning beside you. Some mystery schools, like the Occulture Academy, encourage independent study, and teach based on a curriculum that rewards experimentation and outside anecdotal experience. Other mystery schools function like secret societies, and push their members to take important leadership positions both inside and outside of their group.
  • How Do I Access the Members App?
    It's easy to access The OA Members App. We are currently using the Wix platform, and our membership community can be accessed through their Spaces app Download the Wix Spaces App Go to your membership confirmation email and follow the link to get access to the App If you did not receive the link in your email. Shoot us a DM on Instagram @occultureacademy or email us at with your name and membership tier We'll send you the invite code so you can start using the forum and meeting other members in the community.
  • When can I enroll?
    The Occultue Academy is only open twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall. Membership is then closed so more focus can be put on teaching and growing with the group. The price for enrollment raises slightly for new members each opening.
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